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In this era to be done practically new inventions every day, and Flash-based Solid State Drive (SSD) technology is one of them. Not without consequences, because almost all the better brands laptops, palmtops, notebooks, iPods, USB sticks, memory cards in camcorders, cameras and mobiles contain SSDs.

Solid State Drives are more efficient in terms of power consumption, memory management, and security compared to mechanical hard drives. The built-in technology, however, they are also susceptible to complex cases of data loss. But do not worry, in the case of failure of an SSD, you can enlist the help of professional SSD Recovery specialists.

SSD recovery

Redteam Data Recovery has developed advanced techniques for SSD Data Recovery, which allows the data to be restored in all situations of failing SSDs.

Some cause of data loss in SSDs

  • Come into contact with liquids
  • Viral infections
  • failing circuits
  • Damage to parts of the memory
  • Damaged controller chip
  • Corrupted file encryption

As a user, you usually do not know why to fail your SSD – you only see if your SSD does well or not. SSD recovery is a relatively new technology and therefore consider many data recoveries company’s data loss from failed SSDs as irreparable. At Redteam, with its own R & D team is a continuous adaptation process to new technologies. Solid State Drive Data Recovery Redteam guarantees you 100% recovery of your data in all possible cases of data loss in SSDs.

Redteam has many years of experience in the field of SSD recovery and has all the necessary tools, expert data recovery professionals, and the most modern infrastructure to efficiently recover your data from many brands, models, and types of SSDs.

Redteam perform SSD recovery from the following brands:

  • SanDisk
  • Samsung
  • Patriot
  • Corsair
  • Intel
  • OCZ
  • Kingston and other

Why is SSD data recovery difficult?

Within data is stored using a unique distribution pattern in more than one place in the memory of your SSD. The information about the pattern is located on the controller. There is also, in some SSD devices also have a secret encryption algorithm that encrypts each piece of data before it is stored. And to everyone’s dismay, this encryption algorithm is even for the user secret. With different types of wear-levelling and other types of performance-enhancing algorithms, each SSD unique recovery. If the controller chip fails, it is therefore very difficult to understand the data distribution pattern, as another obstacle: the name of the encryption algorithm. Hence it is always difficult to recover data from an SSD 128MB USB flash drive than a 300 GB hard drive.

Redteam has the company developed tools and techniques for SSD Data Recovery, its own R & D team and a team of experienced hardware and software engineers. Because each SSD recovery is unique, we have the technology to several SSD devices closely monitored and analysed, and therefore our techniques for SSD recovery quite well able to recover your inaccessible data.

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