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Are you unable to access your encrypted business critical data? Do not worry! Redteam Encrypted Data Recovery services can help you to get your data back in a readable form.

Redteam has proven capabilities to recover data from encrypted hard disk or any other storage media device. With Our in-house Research & Development team along with data recovery experts, Redteam has in-depth knowledge about various encryption algorithms used by most of the popular third-party encryption software.

Encryption is used to protect your confidential business data from unauthorised access. However, sometimes even the authorised person with a valid password can’t access the data because of issues with encryption or if something goes wrong with the media device.

One may get any of these errors due to a problem with encryption or while decrypting your data carrier.

  • Fatal Error
  • Decrypt Error
  • Media not encrypted
  • SafeBoot Error/ SafeBoot corrupted
  • Blue Dump (An unusual blue screen of death)
  • SG kernel halted (On SafeGuard encryption) etc.

With extensive research in the field of encrypted data recovery, our expert engineers have studied all most all third-party encryption tools and devised some efficient techniques to recover your valuable data from any instance of inaccessibility of the encrypted data.

What is data encryption?

Data encryption, using any third party encryption software is used to make data non-readable to any unauthorised person. The encryption software uses mathematical calculations and algorithms that transform plaintext into cyphertext. The recipient of an encrypted message uses a key which triggers the algorithm mechanism to decrypt the data, turning it into the original plaintext version while displaying on the computer screen.

Redteam can efficiently recover your data by following third party encryption software:

  • Safeboot
  • SafeGuard
  • Pointsec
  • EPST
  • PGP
  • Windows encryption

Do’s & Don’t s while decrypting data :

  • Don’t decrypt the encrypted data on your own if the drive has bad sectors, or else, you will lose data beyond the scope of recovery.
  • Always ensure the health of the hard drive before trying decryption.
  • Don’t decrypt your valuable data if you are not sure, that the decryption key you have is the correct one. Multiple usages of the wrong key can encrypt or lock the encrypted data, making data recovery virtually impossible.
  • Contact encrypted data recovery experts immediately, once you recognise the problem with the data.

Redteam’s systematic and scientific process ensures safe recovery of your data from the encrypted hard drive :

Analysis :

At Redteam, our encryption data recovery professionals, first of all, analyse the data loss/inaccessibility problem to follow right data recovery approach. In case of the physically damaged media device, We use a controlled environment of CLASS 100 Clean Room.

Ensure data safety through cloning

For the security of data as well as the state of original media, we make the clone of the source media.

Encrypted data recovery :

With our cutting-edge data recovery tools and techniques, we first recover the data in the encrypted form and then decrypted.To decrypt the data, the experts at Redteam would need details of encryption software used and its necessary files along with the password.

Be it a case of forgotten password or corruption of the encryption algorithm, our R & D experts have in-depth knowledge to decrypt the data into its original form successfully.

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