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In this digital age, servers are the backbone of virtually every business and organisation. If a server is down one minute, is that company thousands or even millions of euros cost? At that time is adequate and quick data recovery server of great importance.Whether it is a simple server or multiple arrangements of RAID servers and / or NAS / SAN mass storage boxes – the failure of multiple harder drives, Raid Controllers or damage to the file systems are the most common causes of data loss. With over 0.5 years of experience, its own R & D team and proprietary technologies for data recovery on servers, Redteam can provide you one of the best and most secure services for server Data recovery and RAID recovery offering for file servers, Web servers, application servers, domain controllers, etc. at Redteam, we always follow strict procedures to ensure the confidentiality of your data (read our Privacy Policy)

Facts about server data recovery

Servers and mass storage boxes – in particular the quality and capacity, multiple RAID configurations (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 2, RAID 3, RAID 4, RAID 5, RAID 5e, RAID 6, RAID 10, RAID 50) – can have a very complex architecture, and the more possibilities they have, the more complex they are. A simple IDE / ATA RAID array usually requires little management, but for larger configurations with multiple RAID levels and many virtual disks to manage criticism. All server systems, whether it’s hardware or software, supplied with some form of program management for installing, configuring, and managing the arrays they control. The number of drives in the array and the way the data is divided among them, determine the RAID level or the RAID configuration (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 2, RAID 3, RAID 4, RAID 5, RAID 5e, Raid 6 , RAID 10, RAID 50), the capacity of the array, the overall performance and the characteristics of the data.

When servers can prevent the following situations of data loss:

  • Failure of the RAID Controller.
  • Loss of the configuration of the server registry.
  • Failure of the intermittent drive, resulting in damage to the configuration.
  • Failure of multiple disks.
  • Accidentally reconfiguring the RAID drives.
  • Corruption of system files or file system.
  • By deleting accident during backups.
  • Natural disasters such as fires and floods.

Because in most RAID configurations, the data is split across multiple disks, data recovery may Raid systems are very complicated. At RAID level 5 or later, you can lose one disk in the array and usually rebuild restore all data when replacing the damaged disc. But if there are multiple disks wrong time, for example by a power surge, failure of the RAID Controller or mechanical failure of the drive, you will reach the big dilemma of data loss on servers.

Redteam, however, has the necessary expertise to carry out according to the best standards, server data recovery.

Redteam has developed innovative methods for server data recovery, for addressing virtually all cases of data loss due to logical or physical damage to servers. Our team of server data recovery experts has years of experience in recovering data on Windows servers, Linux servers, UNIX servers, Exchange servers, SharePoint servers, etc.

Redteam follows scientific methods for Server Data Recovery to ensure maximum data recovery and at the same time adheres to strict rules to ensure maximum confidentiality of your information.

Our Server Data Recovery experts know the various symptoms of the failure of servers, identify your possible efforts to carry out rehabilitation and see which Raid configuration is used on your server. This allows them to choose the best approach from the start and take the right steps for data recovery.

Clones of the accessible drives : First check our Server Data Recovery experts all disks on their readability state and make a sector by sector clone of all the accessible disks, to prevent further damage to data. Our proprietary tools for scoring clones make a maximum reading of data from weaker or even bad sectors as possible. This step ensures maximum data recovery and internal consistency of the data.

Diagnosis and problem : We diagnosis damaged drives in Class 100 Clean Room, put the disks in a readable state and make clones sector by sector thereof.

Data Recovery : Our own R & D team of engineers will check all cloned disks pattern moves data and parity strips in order to design customised software that can simulate the hardware algorithm Raid Controller. This can be performed the final data recovery in a consistent way.

All our proprietary tools are read-only and to ensure safe recovery of your data.

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