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Are you looking for data recovery from your flash storage media? Redteam can recover data from all flash media such as USB flash drives, SSDs, digital cameras, memory cards, PC cards, multimedia cards, Secure Digital (SD) cards, etc.

Redteam Data Recovery has expanded its research into newer technologies like Flash and efficient Flash Data Recovery techniques developed for restoring data on any type of carrier with a Flash memory and in all possible situations of data loss.

Problems with flash media :

Flash storage media are more efficient in terms of size, cost and speed of data transfer than electromagnetic storage media. Unfortunately, they can only withstand a limited number of read and write cycles. After a finite so there is a chance that your Flash media failure, which can lead to loss of important data. In that case, you need a specialist in Flash Data Recovery.

Some of the reasons why your flash storage media data can lose :

  • Breakage of Flash storage media through misuse
  • Improper disposal of Flash media
  • Accidentally deleting files / photos
  • Damage photos / files
  • liquids
  • power cut
  • Failure of circuit
  • Controller chip damaged
  • Physical damage by fire, flood, etc.

In all these cases Redteam can recover your important data.

Flash Data Recovery means not only the replacement or repair of the storage medium or reading the memory. It also requires a thorough knowledge of the algorithm used to manage and encrypt data.

With a team of hardware and software engineers, its own R & D team and ISO certified Class 100 Clean Room, Redteam can competently to 100% data repair of all makes, models, and types of Flash media.

Facts about flash media :

Flash storage media or flash drive is a small, portable storage medium containing a Flash memory. Flash media use, small enough to be carried in a pocket and can easily be plugged in via a card reader or USB port on the computer.

Flash media store data bit by bit into a unique distribution pattern in one or more memory chips.The information about the distribution pattern is connected to the memory controller. Some Flash Media also have a secret encryption algorithm that encrypts data before storing it.

Redteam’s data recovery flash methods achieve unparalleled results :

At Redteam, we follow a systematic, scientific approach, in which we use in-house by our team of data recovery experts developed Flash Recovery tools and techniques to successfully recover your lost / corrupted data.

With our own hardware tool, we pick up the chips of the medium. For complete data recovery, we read with our Flash memory reader chip for chip Flash memory and check every piece of data was read. If the controller is damaged, our R & D engineers formulate the controller algorithm to recover the data in the right form. Through our many years of research on various complex encryption algorithms and the knowledge, we have gathered over there, we can at Redteam in virtually all encryption algorithms that are used to restore the data on Flash media.

Redteam is known for its effective Flash Data Recovery techniques and the quality of the results. Our history also shows thousands of cases of successful data recovery in situations of seemingly impossible to recover data loss, with millions of satisfied customers throughout Europe.

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