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The external or portable hard drives help us several times in keeping the large sized data safe and secure during instances of internal hard drive failure. This applies if we back up all our data of our internal hard disk onto our external hard drive.

The reason being, these external hard drives of high storage capacity serve the purpose of secondary storage, network drive as well as transport drives, unlike the internal hard drives. On the contrary, we may fail to get all these benefits if they suffer physical or logical damage. Therefore, in such instances, the need for external hard drive recovery becomes essential.

External Hard Drive Recovery: Redteam UK

Reasons of external hard drive failure

External hard drives are of two types – USB drive, and of a magnetic type that plugs into a USB, eSATA, or FireWire port on a computer, and both these types of hard disks can suffer failure.

In addition to the common causes of hard drive failure such as system crash, virus attack, power outage, improper handling, operating system not booting, failed hardware components, corruption in the firmware, and other physical and logical corruption issues, there are a few sources that are responsible for failed external hard drives. The three most important causes are as follows:

External hard drive dropped

The external hard drives, being portable in nature, are more disposed to falling. When they fall, it can either result in hardware issue, software issue, or both, ultimately leading to a failed hard disk. When this happens, the drives usually makes a ticking sound (noise) when the power is turned This indicates that there is damage caused to the read/write heads or the motor.

External hard drive knocked

Due to the mobile nature of the external hard drive, causing knocking of the hard drive. When this happens, it makes a kind of buzzing sound, thus indicating that the spindle in the hard drive is seized.

External hard drive overheated

The external hard drive is subjected to prolonged use; then there are more chances of the external hard disks drives getting overheated. When this happens, it may lead to extreme damage and the BIOS may not be able to identify the drive or your system may run slowly making a peculiar sound.

External hard drive corrupted

If your hard drive becomes corrupt, you may want to go for external hard disk recovery, and data recovery from your damaged external hard disk to avoid data loss situations. We can correct logical damages to the hard drive by employing third-party hard drive recovery tools.While this is not the case with physical cases in the external hard drive.

External hard drive not recognised

At times the external hard drive is not recognised. The issue is due to partition; dead USB Port drives problem in windows or corrupted file system, etc. The worst possible condition can be the drive is dead.

Hence, to restore data from a physically damaged external hard disk you require professional hard disk recovery services. Therefore, one efficient gateway for External hard drive recovery services is Redteam® Creations Limited.

External hard drive recovery - do’s and don’t

As we explained the causes of Hard Drive Failure, furthermore, let’s look at the do’s and don’ts for a successful external hard drive recovery :


  • Stop using the external hard drive immediately
  • Handle external hard disk with care to avoid wear and tear
  • Be attentive to prevent knocking off your hard drive
  • Take the external hard disk to experienced professionals


  • Avoid dropping the external hard disk drive
  • Try not to open the external hard disk on own
  • Do not attempt to recover data on own

Why visit Redteam® Creations Limited for external hard drive recovery

Redteam® Creations Limited Data Recovery is one of the prime data recovery service providers in Hong Kong with its Class 100 Cleanroom lab that ensures complete External Hard Drive recovery with maximum security.

We can recover from any

File System Hard Drive Brands
  • HFS
  • HFS +
  • HFSX
  • FAT
  • NTFS
  • EXT2
  • EXT3
  • EXT4
  • XFS
  • Reiser FS
  • UFS
  • DTFS
  • NWF
  • NSS
  • JFS
  • VxFS
  • CDFS
  • Seagate
  • Maxtor
  • Samsung
  • Hitachi
  • Western Digital
  • Toshiba
  • HP

With 24+ years of data recovery service, Redteam® Creations Limited guarantees that you get external hard drive recovery services by the best of professionals having industry knowledge and years of experience, therefore, leaving no opportunities for data loss.

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