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A hard disk drive (HDD) or hard disk, as is commonly called, is a data storage device used for storing and retrieving all your digital information. Saving a significant amount of data is their responsibility, All multimedia data such as pictures, audios, videos, and documents including your Operating System, programs, and preferences that you store on your computer are all stored on the hard disk. It does so with the incorporated one or more rigid and rapidly rotating disks (platters) that are layered with magnetic material. However, it is also susceptible to damages, be it due to fault in the hardware or software of the device, whereby all your data turns inaccessible. You can also lose data due to accidental formatting of the hard disk drives. Such a condition calls for an immediate hard drive recovery solution.

Causes of hard drive data loss

Let’s recognise the common as well as the uncommon causes for loss of data from the hard disk before we delve into the causes of damage to the HDD and the Hard drive recovery process.

How Can Hard Drive Suffer Data Loss Situations?

Broadly, there exist four potential causes for hard drive data loss as shown below :

  1. Logical hard drive failure – Damage to the software causes logical failure. The common causes of logical failures in HDD are a lost partition, accidental reformatting, virus attacks, deleted files, and files.
  2. Physical hard drive failure – Failure of components in the hard disk such as head crashes or motor stoppages can be the reason for unavailability of data.
  3. Electronics failure – Data may become unavailable because of failure of the electronic components. This may happen if the disk gets the wrong voltage through the power given to your computer.
  4. Media discrepancy – Data can get inaccessible in certain areas due to discrepancies in the media itself; either the drive has bad sectors or its impossible to read data on the platters.

Causes of hard drive failure

Before we explore the HDD data recovery process, let us recognise the common causes for failed, corrupt, or damaged hard disk as it will help you in adopting measures to prevent HDD failure.

  • Mishandling of the hard disk drive
  • Contact of the hard drive with water
  • Sudden power outage while the HDD is in use
  • Ejection of the hard disk drive while in use
  • Overheating of the HDD because of continuous use
  • Attack by virus, ransomware, Trojans, and other malicious codes
  • Exposure of your hard disk drives to fire or extreme temperature

Do’s and Don’t in situations of hard drive failure

As enumerated above the hard drive failures can be logical, physical, mechanical, etc. and these failures can be reasons for data loss. The following are the do and don’t that you need to take care. By abiding these you can upsurge the chances of Hard drive recovery.


  • Stop using the hard drive soon after you detect that it has failed
  • Handle the HDD with care to avoid further damage if it suffers corruption issues
  • Obtain professional assistance for successful hard drive data recovery
  • Carry the corrupt or damaged HDD safe and secure to the professionals


  • Do not try formatting the hard disk
  • Don’t try opening the hard drive on own
  • Avoid exchanging hardware and electronic components
  • Do not use any unapproved software application to recover inaccessible data

What to do in case of hard drive failure?

Now that you face imminent hard drive failure, we advise going for Hard drive recovery to retrieve all your valuable data. You can restore your hard disk and recover all its data by employing a suitable software if it suffers logical damages. This won’t render results if your hard drive suffers physical damages. As a result, in such cases, you need to recover data only by a data recovery service provider offering professional services and solutions by the seasoned experts.

Hence, If you have a physically damaged hard drive, do not try to restore data from it on your own.

Visit Redteam Data Recovery Service Center, who, with their team of skilled and experienced professionals, would dexterously restore data. Contact the nearest branch, and a representative would assist you in process of hard drive recovery.

Why Redteam services for hard drive recovery?

While Redteam Data Recovery is one of the top-most HDD data recovery service providers in the country. With its Class 100 Clean Room facility and seasoned experts, it provides data recovery services for hard disks of all make and model, all hard drive interface, and prominent OS & their file systems.

Redteam provides services for Seagate, Maxtor, Samsung, Apple, Sony, Hitachi, Maxtor, Quantum, Toshiba, Dell, Buffalo, Fujitsu, IBM, HP and Western Digital hard disks.

In addition, Redteam delivers services for IDE, SATA, EDIE, SCSI, SAS, ESATA and many more hard drive interface.

We at Redteam provides services for Windows OS with NTFS, NTFS5, VFAT, FAT12, FAT16, & FAT32 file system, Linux OS with Ext4, Ext3, Ext2, ReiserFS file system, Novell OS with NSS and NWFS, Macintosh OS with HFS, HFS+, HFSX, and HFS file system, & Unix OS with UFS, JFS, EAFS, HTFS, and VxFS file system.

Thus, for a safe, secure, and successful hard drive recovery, go the ‘Redteam’ way!

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