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SAN (storage area network is a high-speed network storage devices that communicate with servers. It provides block-level storage that is accessible to applications running servers connected to this network. Tape libraries and disk-based devices, such as RAID hardware, may also fall under SAN storage.

Large organisations need a secure and reliable network storage and therefore use SAN (Storage Area Network) systems for the storage of their critical business data in the data centre or in the company itself. The failure of a SAN system can completely paralyse a business organisation. In such panic can Redteam help your business secure the valuable business information to all your SAN mass storage boxes.

SAN data recovery

Redteam Data Recovery is a trusted name in the field of Data Recovery SAN. The company has its R & D team and developed proprietary technologies for SAN Data Recovery. Also, Redteam has a state-of-the-art infrastructure, allowing us even in the most complex cases of data loss on SAN systems can safely recover the data.

Directly at the intake, we will discuss what data on which virtual machines have the highest priority. Then we discuss the approach and will begin our engineers to recover the VMDK and data sets that are given the most top priority.

We follow scientific methods and industry best practices for performing SAN Recovery on all types of SAN systems with any number of RAID configurations.

Causes of failure of SAN systems :

  • Failure of one or more disks
  • Inaccessibility of data due to virus infection or bad sectors
  • Accidental deletion of data or formatting a volume
  • System crashes due to logical or physical failure
  • Errors RAID consistency
  • Degradation of array
  • Physical damage due to natural disasters such as fire, flood, etc.

Tips to prevent further damage after failure of a SAN system :

  • Do not put things off panic. Put it on SAN device.
  • Do not attempt to repair the failing device without first checking the health of all connected devices.
  • Immediately turn the assistance of specialised SAN Data Recovery experts.
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