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ESD and PtR

Redteam has an impressive range of data recovery products, we have more than 100 products in our repository. All these products are available online on our sites and for the customer who wish to buy our software’s can visit Redteam’s website. All these products can be delivered via Electronic Software Distribution and Print to Receipt


The large assortment of Redteam’s software are a number of “Home Edition” ideally suited to using ‘to be sold Point of Sale Activation’ in the retail channel. Examples are the many award-winning Home Edition Redteam Photo Recovery for Windows, Redteam Data Recovery for Windows and Redteam Data Recovery for Mac. Please contact us for an appointment.

Data Secure at RMA and repairs

When items such as laptops, memory cards, MP3 players or hard drives will not normally guarantee that retained data stored in a repair. This applies to Return Merchandise Authorization (RMAs) and for out-of-warranty repairs. Often causes unpleasant surprises at the Customer much hassle afterwards at the counter. Redteam and CSN cooperate in this field and provide a perfect solution. The customer can immediately indicate when registering the RMA repair or whether he wants to receive a copy of the data on their device or even want to perform a full data recovery. Please contact us for an appointment.

Supplementary Data Recovery Insurance

The loss of valuable data can be a major disaster, but professional data recovery is often very expensive. When you purchase or within one month after a new device, a via Redteam additional data recovery insurance to close. This may by the retailer at the checkout. Allows the customer buys additional security. Redteam Data Recovery insurance cover hard drives, NAS servers, SSDs, notebooks, and PCs. Please contact us for an appointment. More information check data recovery insurance.

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