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Did you lose access to large files, documents, or emails on your laptop? Relax! Redteam’s Laptop Data Recovery Service can restore all your precious files.

Data Recovery for Laptops in Redteam is at the carried out by a team of software and hardware experts that specialise in data recovery. They use advanced tools and technologies in a modern ISO certified Class 100 Clean Room.

Redteam can perform laptop data recovery even in irretrievable data loss cases, Regardless of the brand or model of laptop, notebook or netbook and Regardless of the operating system and file system, for example.

Make / Model of laptop
Laptop Data Recovery: Apple
Laptop Data Recovery: IBM
Laptop Data Recovery: Dell
Laptop Data Recovery: Sony
Laptop Data Recovery: HP
Laptop Data Recovery: Compaq
Laptop Data Recovery: lenovo
Laptop Data Recovery: Acer
Laptop Data Recovery: Gateway
Laptop Data Recovery: Fujitsu
Laptop Data Recovery: ASUS
Laptop Data Recovery: Panasonic
Laptop Data Recovery: Toshiba

Operating systems / File systems

Windows : NTFS, NTFS5, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT

Macintosh : HFS, HFS +, HFS Wrapper and HFSX

LINUX : Ext4, Ext3, Ext2, ReiserFS


Novell : NSS, NWFS

What causes data loss on laptops?

Laptops are susceptible to data loss due to their mobility, Data Loss can occur by a fall or impact of the laptop, there is liquid over it, accidental deletion, virus infections or even willful damage.

When your laptop exhibit the following symptoms : Consider laptop data recovery

  • The laptop Does not start gold a long time to start.
  • The laptop runs very slowly, and some data is inaccessible.
  • The disk / partition / volume is unreachable.
  • Inaccessibility of data due to loss of password.
  • The hard drive in the laptop Makes clicking close or grinding noise.

Preventive steps to avoid permanent data loss :

If the hard disk in the laptop does not respond and makes a grinding noise, Then never try to restart the laptop again. Because it can cause physical damage to the disk, Causing data to be lost forever.

Never try to open the hard drive or to have this done by an inexperienced person. Hard drives should only be opened in a controlled environment of Class 100 Clean Room.

We always advise our customers to take a regular back-up of data to avoid data loss situations in future.In addition, to data available on the used laptop, always make a copy of data stored on a separate media device. Consequently, minimising the data loss situation.

Redteam has the necessary resources to restore the data on your laptop: No data lost is forever!

Redteam laptop data recovery service

Whatever are the circumstances of your data loss, recovery of your precious data is always possible!.

Furthermore, with a team of experts in the field of data recovery, techniques developed for laptop data recovery. Most noteworthy features of Redteam Data Recovery include the latest modern facilities in-house include a Class 100 Clean Room, 0.5 years of experience in data recovery, proprietary tools. Hence, making Redteam the  topmost choice for laptop recovery service.

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