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Step 1 – Free consultation

  • Based on the information we get from the customer; they get the estimated time & cost.

Step 2 – Retrieve courier, diagnosis, and no-obligation quote.

  • You place your order before 12:00, a representative sent by Redteam picks up your media device on the same day!
  • We do the diagnosis of the media device.
  • You receive a report of the diagnosis and also the offer for the execution of data recovery. This offer will be subject to recovery after the diagnosis of your data medium in our laboratory.
  • We make the offer based on the true nature and extent of damages analysed, the work and spare parts and the use of our devices.
  • This offer is a fixed price and without commitment on your part. If you do not accept the offer, it causes no additional cost.

Step 3 – Data recovery on new digital media

  • Once we have recovered the data, we will transfer the data on to a new media storage device.We will then send your new digital media back to you by courier.
    You get back your lost data!

Emergency service

  • If you wish, we can arrange for express courier service to make an emergency pick up for your media device.
  • We provide non-stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week full service until we deliver the result to you.
  • We guarantee the immediate availability of measurement and repair equipment.
  • Emergency service is a service where every minute counts.


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