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Do not have access to the data on your PC?

Stay calm! Redteam can help you get all your data back to your PC, in any situation you can imagine. Redteam data loss is never good. Our team of experts in the field of PC Data Recovery has its own tools and techniques for data recovery, its own team for research and development and a dust-free ISO-certified Class 100 Clean Room. thereby Redteam has the capacity to restore them to your PC in all circumstances, up to 100% of the data.

Computer data recovery – Desktop data recovery

Redteam provides desktop PC data recovery services for all types of PC, regardless of make, model, and type, and regardless of operating system and file system.

Operating systems / File systems

Windows : NTFS, NTFS5, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT

Macintosh : HFS, HFS +, HFS Wrapper and HFSX

LINUX : Ext4, Ext3, Ext2, ReiserFS


Novell : NSS, NWFS

Symptoms of data loss on your PC

The list of events that can cause data loss is unlimited, but some of the most common causes of accidental deletion, virus infection, crash the operating system or damage to the PC due to fire, floods, etc. Your PC may include the following exhibit symptoms:

  • The computer makes an unusual noise and closes itself off regularly.
  • The PC does not boot or show regular “blue screen death.
  • The hard drive inside the PC makes a grinding noise.
  • The computer can not find the hard drive or the hard drive is inaccessible.
  • PC startup takes much longer he lingers regularly.
  • The computer runs very slowly and some folders have disappeared.

If your data is important to you, try not attempt to perform data recovery on your PC and let this not be done by inexperienced providers. This can lead to further damage to your PC and be lost forever your data.

How Redteam® Creations Limited helps you to restore the files on your PC?

For PC data recovery requires a systematic approach, coupled with the best tools, a dust-free Class 100 Clean Room, a comprehensive collection of hard drives and the hands of an expert.

Redteam can offer, and is therefore trusted by millions of IT professionals throughout Hong Kong.

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